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Saturday 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am
WGGN 97.7 8:00 am


Disciple-Ship Quest

10:15 am


St. John @ the Bay

Memorial Day-October 6:30 pm
November-May 3:00 pm


Narrative Lectionary

At All Weekend Worship

Worship: Greet­ings in the name of our Lord and Sa­vior Je­sus Christ! You are in­vited to come ex­per­i­ence the un­con­di­tion­al love of God in Je­sus as it is pro­claimed, ex­per­i­enced and ex­ten­ded when we gath­er to wor­ship, to grow in faith, to par­ti­cip­ate in fel­low­ship and to serve oth­ers.[More]

Dis­ciple-Ship Quest: Mov­ing to­wards God’s vis­ion of “Grow­ing Dis­ciples of Je­sus,” our cre­at­ive Chris­ti­an Ed Team has chosen the power­ful name “Dis­ciple-Ship Quest” for what was formerly called Sunday School. You are in­vited to join the jour­ney. Classes are avail­able for all ages from 3 year old through adult. [More]

St. John @ the Bay: Come and wor­ship at Moth­er of Sor­rows Church where our Luther­an Mis­sion, St. John @ the Bay, is de­vel­op­ing an emer­ging wor­ship com­munity that shares the Gos­pel and grows dis­ciple­ship in those who live, work and vis­it on South Bass Is­land. [More]

Nar­rat­ive Lec­tion­ary: The Nar­rat­ive Lec­tion­ary is a set of Bible read­ings for our wor­ship that tells the over-arch­ing bib­lic­al story in a nine-month peri­od. These texts sound the voices of Ab­ra­ham and Sarah, Moses and Isai­ah, Je­sus, and Paul; and so en­rich preach­ing and our life of faith.
[Summary & Schedule]

Our Events


The Easter season is a “week of weeks” … meaning that from The Resurrection of Our Lord … our celebration of what God has done for us and for all the world continues on for seven, absolutely wonderful weeks of unbridled joy! The Season of Easter comes to an end on the Day of Pentecost … which will be celebrated here on June 8 and 9!

Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


Psalm 96 declares, “Sing a new song unto the LORD!” 

On the Weekend of May 18 and 19 we will be we recognizing, celebrating and giving thanks to God, for the vast contributions to our worship life that have been offered by our Saturday Musician and Singer, Sunday worship leaders, our Senior Choir, Hand Bell Choir, Praise Team, and DSQ Children’s Choir.

We give thanks to God for ALL who share their gifts through our Music Ministry. We rejoice upon their abiding commitment to our music ministry. Be present for worship on this weekend and assist us as we give recognition and thanks to these faithful, dedicated and talented Music Ministry participants. 

One of the values that is foundational for our ministry is … MAKING A JOYFUL NOISE: In gratitude and joy, we lift our praises to the LORD, so that through “our music God may be glorified.” This day provides us with to give thanks to God for the gift of music!

Sunday morning’s worship will feature songs of praise from all of our choirs. Their proclamation will replace the sermon for the day.

A reception will follow worship on Sunday, May 19 … as we give thanks to participants in our Music Ministry … and those who provide leadership for DiscipleShip Quest. 


When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.”  (Acts 2:1 4 NRSV)

On Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 we will come together on Pentecost, like those disciples of old, to celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church.  One of the ways that we will celebrate the presence and power of the Spirit among us is with the color RED

Everyone is invited to show their Pentecost Spirit by WEARING RED as you come for worship on either of these days.  Come wearing red as we gather on Pentecost Weekend to celebrate the promised gift of the Holy Spirit!

Also … if you are proficient at speaking a language other than English … or can fake it … your skills are NEEDED! It is our hope to put together a team of young and old who will help read the Acts 2 passage in the “languages of the world!” If you able … and interested … see Pastor Jim as soon as possible.


On Sunday, June 2 we will be recognizing all of our high school and college graduates during our 9:00 a.m. worship service. On this day, we will come together to celebrate with these young persons as they have completed courses of study and are preparing to head-off into new adventures of faith and life. 

A reception will be held in their honor during the Coffee Fellowship Hour immediately following worship. We have traditionally asked each of our young persons to share a little bit about their plans for the future with us at that time. And we will have some gifts to present to you upon this exciting occasion. 

We give thanks to God for these young people for who they are, for how they have been participants and contributors to our ministry!  We will offer prayers on their behalf as they embrace the future that awaits them. 

If you know someone who should be included in this recognition, please notify the Church Office. asap.


Off to Camp at LMC … June 9-14, 2019

Before we know it … spring will be in the air, school will be out … and will be time for us to head off for our week of Camp at Lutheran Memorial Camp.  As we have shared with all of you parents and students, we expect that all our Confirmation Ministry participants WILL attend Camp at least once during the years they are in our Confirmation program. My recommendation is that all youth go to camp after their first year, so that they have the chance to attend camp TWICE!


Slippery Seals … Grades: K-2

Rising Stars … Grades: 3-5

Confirmation … Grades 6-8

Sr. High …Grades 9-12

One of the reasons we have selected this date for camp is that there is a program for ALL AGES this same week! This means that we can have all our St. John youth at camp at the same time, PLUS Pastor Jim will be in residence.






The Ministry Resources Committee has selected the weekend of May 4 and 5 as the appropriate TIME to receive your TALENT Surveys. This is always an important endeavor, that we repeat each year, as we seek to uncover gifts for the enhancement of our mission and ministry. Together, equipped by the Spirit, we strive to be partners in God’s Work here at St. John.

A copy of the Time and Talent survey is included in this May edition of The Eagle. Please complete and return by placing it in the basket on Time and Talent Weekend. You may also mail it to the church office, at your convenience.

The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:11-12)

Our Year of Scripture Memory Verse is Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path". 

The January edition of The Eagle featured the Read Through the Bible in a Year plan. Several folks have been diligently reading through scripture each day.


Pastor Jim will be on a Seasons of Renewal Retreat as a part of his fulfillment of continuing expectations for Rostered Leaders. The retreat will be held on May 13-14, in Fremont.



Our week of Camp at LMC for 2018 is scheduled for June 9-14!

This is the one week of the summer where there is programming for all ages … including Confirmation Camp … from the youngest through high school.


See Confirmation page for details.


For now … block these dates off on your calendars … it’s a great way to “get rid” of your kids for a week … where they can grow in faith and experience Christian community. 


One of our values … those characteristics that are a part of the DNA of this congregation … is that we are always about NURTURING DISCIPLES. We would stop being St. John … if we would end our commitment to providing “meaningful opportunities for children, youth and adults to hear, learn and experience the good news of God’s love in Jesus.”

From October 1 through October 4, Pam Boytim, Julie Frattaroli and Pastor Jim Lehman had a tremendous opportunity to learn about and to experience Cross+Gen Ministry. This event was held in Estes Park, Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies. We were inspired and challenged by “big picture” presentations, case studies and workshops.

The basic thrust of this approach to nurturing disciples is to gather children, youth and adults into one community, versus breaking age groups into separate classrooms. Here’s a question that is at the heart of this Cross+Gen Life, “What happens when the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child collide in the same sacred space every week?” Promise. Hope. Joy. Depth. Fun. Cross+Gen Life.

The three of us who attended have met once to process our experience. We have identified some ways that we can implement some of what we have learned. You will have a chance to experience this at our Advent Events and at the Winter DSQ Kick-off. We will be doing some deeper reading of how this ministry has taken shape in congregations across the US. We will be praying about the ways that we can move into more significant commitment to nurturing children, youth and adults in Christian faith.

This adventure was made possible through the generosity that has been provided through the Shela Fund, which is a part of the St. John Endowment.


The Handbell Choir … under the direction of Lisa Rider rehearses on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.

 Our Senior Choir, under the direction of Shelvin Burns, rehearses on Sunday mornings, except when the Handbell Choir is ringing, at 8:00 am.

 Come join one of our two outstanding choirs who provide leadership for our worship, as gifts and talents are shared!



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Rev. James N. Lehman

We are a mem­ber of the Evan­gel­ic­al Luther­an Church in Amer­ica , whose of­fices are loc­ated in Chica­go, Illinois.

We are also part­ners with the 162 con­greg­a­tions of the North­west­ern Ohio Syn­od. The of­fices of the NWOS are loc­ated in Find­lay, Ohio.

Loc­al ELCA con­greg­a­tions in Ot­t­awa and Wood Counties share mis­sion and min­istry through the North Cent­ral Con­fer­ence.

Our con­greg­a­tion also par­ti­cip­ates in the Port Clin­ton Clergy As­so­ci­ation and it’s sea­son­al wor­ship and ser­vice op­por­tun­it­ies.


Pastor's Welcome

Greet­ings in the name of our Lord and Sa­vior, Je­sus Christ! On be­half of the people who gath­er to wor­ship, learn and serve at St. John Luther­an Church, I wel­come you to our Web site as you learn more about our mis­sion.

You are in­vited to come ex­per­i­ence the un­con­di­tion­al love of God in Je­sus as it is pro­claimed, ex­per­i­enced and ex­ten­ded when we gath­er to wor­ship. It is our church's de­sire to grow in faith, to par­ti­cip­ate in fel­low­ship, and to serve oth­ers

I am avail­able to vis­it with you by phone, at your home or work place, or via e-mail. I would en­joy get­ting to know you bet­ter and an­swer­ing ques­tions you might have about the Chris­ti­an faith, or what Luther­ans be­lieve, or any spe­cif­ic prac­tices of this Chris­ti­an com­munity. Please don’t hes­it­ate to get in touch with me.

Once more, in Christ’s name, wel­come to St. John Luther­an Church. Come and join us as we seek to make Christ known.

Pas­tor Jim Leh­man

Our Beliefs

We are a Christ-centered and caring con­greg­a­tion called by God to share the good news of sal­va­tion for all people.

     “Grow­ing Dis­ciples of Je­sus”

Our first re­sponse to the good news of God’s un­con­di­tion­al love in Je­sus is to wor­ship . . .
We strive to provide a wel­com­ing place where all can enter in­to God’s pres­ence . . .
In grat­it­ude and joy, we lift our praises to the LORD . . .
We re­cog­nize that when God calls us to faith in Christ, we are joined to a com­munity where we can ex­per­i­ence genu­ine warmth, deep friend­ships, and lov­ing re­la­tion­ships . . .
We will of­fer mean­ing­ful op­por­tun­it­ies for chil­dren, youth and adults to hear, learn and ex­per­i­ence the good news of God’s love in Je­sus.


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