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Saturday 5:00 pm
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Disciple-Ship Quest

10:15 am


St. John @ the Bay

Memorial Day-October 6:30 pm
November-May 3:00 pm


Narrative Lectionary

At All Weekend Worship

Worship: Greet­ings in the name of our Lord and Sa­vior Je­sus Christ! You are in­vited to come ex­per­i­ence the un­con­di­tion­al love of God in Je­sus as it is pro­claimed, ex­per­i­enced and ex­ten­ded when we gath­er to wor­ship, to grow in faith, to par­ti­cip­ate in fel­low­ship and to serve oth­ers.[More]

Dis­ciple-Ship Quest: Mov­ing to­wards God’s vis­ion of “Grow­ing Dis­ciples of Je­sus,” our cre­at­ive Chris­ti­an Ed Team has chosen the power­ful name “Dis­ciple-Ship Quest” for what was formerly called Sunday School. You are in­vited to join the jour­ney. Classes are avail­able for all ages from 3 year old through adult. [More]

St. John @ the Bay: Come and wor­ship at Moth­er of Sor­rows Church where our Luther­an Mis­sion, St. John @ the Bay, is de­vel­op­ing an emer­ging wor­ship com­munity that shares the Gos­pel and grows dis­ciple­ship in those who live, work and vis­it on South Bass Is­land. [More]

Nar­rat­ive Lec­tion­ary: The Nar­rat­ive Lec­tion­ary is a set of Bible read­ings for our wor­ship that tells the over-arch­ing bib­lic­al story in a nine-month peri­od. These texts sound the voices of Ab­ra­ham and Sarah, Moses and Isai­ah, Je­sus, and Paul; and so en­rich preach­ing and our life of faith.
[Summary & Schedule]

Our Events


On Wednesday, February 14 we will gather to begin our annual Lenten journey to the Cross. 

Make the Lenten journey a priority in your life as a disciple of Jesus. Come on Ash Wednesday to worship. Come to confess your sins and to receive the mark of the cross, as ashes are traced on your forehead. Come to praise the God who loves you as no other.  Come to hear God’s life-altering Word. Come to receive God’s gracious gifts in the Lord’s Supper. Come to deepen your practice of the disciplines of Lent … worship, prayer, fasting, reading God’s Word, giving to those in need and serving others.

Midweek Lenten Series: Making Change

Change is a constant in our lives. Some changes mark gradual transitions, as when daytime shifts toward twilight or winter turns to spring. Others happen in the blink of an eye, separating time into “before” and “after”. We choose to undergo some changes after carefully considering our options, while others are forced upon us.

In the weeks, days, and hours before Jesus’ crucifixion, the disciples also experienced change: a change of venue as the gates of Jerusalem approached; a change of plans as their long-awaited. Messiah was arrested and tried; a change of circumstance as the crowds shouted “Crucify!”

Change is hard. We long for the expected and familiar, but all too often find ourselves in the midst of uncertainty and the unknown. We cannot predict how things will turn out. The hymnwriter Joachim Neander proclaimed God’s steadfast love in the midst of life’s inevitable changes: “All my hope on God is founded who will all my trust renew, who through change and chance will guide me, only good and only true. God unknown, God alone, call my heart to be thine own” (ELW 757).

On our five Midweek Lenten Wednesdays … we will gather as community for a meal at 5:30 pm. Worship will begin at 6:30 pm in our sanctuary. Come and be a part of this Lenten experience of community.

February 21: Change of Season

“For everything there is a season.” We hear those familiar words telling us that life is full of changes. Jesus’ parables are also filled with images of life transformed. Just as the mustard seed grows into a tree or yeast turns flour into read, we too are called to be agents of change in the kingdom of God. Christ did not come to earth to maintain the status quo, but rather to usher in a change of season.

February 28: Change of Habit

Bad habits are hard to break. The letter to the Galatians urges us to replace them with the fruits of the Spirit. Love, patience, generosity, and self-control are just some of the good habits practiced by those whose foundation is built on Christ.

March 7: Change of Circumstances

We move from elementary to middle school, or from our hometown to a new community. We lose a job, or gain a child, or accomplish a goal, or relinquish a dream. Through it all, we learn to give thanks to God in all circumstances.

March 14: Change of Heart

Jesus’ words to the Pharisees give us pause: “You honor me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me.” Jesus invites us to experience a change of heart that will in fact change every part of our lives.

March 21: Change of Plans

God’s ways are not our own. We expect a conquering king and hero, but Jesus instead leads us down the road to Jerusalem and humbles himself on the cross. God changes our plans and replaces them with a love broader and deeper than anything we could imagine.


Those who have participated in previous conversations … and those who would like to get involved now … are encouraged to gather on Wednesday, February 21 at 10:30 am. One of the chief reasons to gather as we make our way through this new year, is to plan a joint event that will take place after Easter. Location of the February meeting is unknown at this moment in time, talk with Pastor Jim to learn the “secret” gathering place (just kidding we are awaiting confirmation of meeting location at this moment.)


Well, we are on our way to the 2018 ELCA National Youth Gathering that will be held in Houston, Texas … June 27-July 1, 2018!

On September 15 … our group was registered! We have 10 youth from St. John and 3 adult leaders! Also, participating will be 3 youth and one adult leader from St. Paul, Danbury and 2 youth and 1 adult leader from Peace! Making our Grand Total … 15 youth and 5 adults! 

St. John Participants include:

Abi Frattaroli       Tatyana Kowalski           Rebekah Koehl     Lillian Reiman             Olivia McDougall

Cara Linn              Ileana Garza                   Will Segaard          Nate Frattaroli             Elliot Auxter                 

Pastor Jim Lehman                                       Jean Lehman        Angie Auxter

Youth Gatherings are an amazing opportunity to experience the “largeness” and the excitement of what it means to be Church! There are five program areas that will be a part of the Gathering: Synod Day; Service Learning; Interactive Learning, Community Life and Mass Gatherings. If you want to learn more, go to these resources: … … Twitter ... @elcagathering.














We will be joining ranks with over 13,000 churches and organization across the USA who will be participating in the SOUPER BOWL OF CARING.  This is annual event that coincides with the Super Bowl, to raise both awareness among worshipers and

funds to compassionately meet the needs of the hungry. Worshipers on the weekend of February 4, 2018 are asked to drop a $5 (you can drop in more if the Spirit moves you) in the soup pot as they leave worship. The funds collected here at St. John’s will be designated for feeding the hungry through the ELCA World Hunger Appeal and a local Food Bank. Watch for more details in the February Eagle.


On Tuesday, February 13 … our youth will be hosting our traditional Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, serving all you can eat pancakes, sausage and applesauce! The meal will be served from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm. A FREE-WILL OFFERING will be received to help send youth of all ages off to Camp at LMC this summer. If there any adults who would also like to help with this meal, contact the church office. Financial Assistance for this event is being provided by Thrivent!


On Wednesday, February 14 we will gather to begin our annual Lenten journey to the Cross. 

Ash Wednesday Worship will be held at 6:30 pm.


During 2018 … “Prayer” will be the theme for the NWOS.

Beginning on Thursday, January 25 … through February 15 … those who would like to deepen your prayer life are invited to be a part of a midweek series … “Teach Us to Pray: Prayer Practice.”  We will gather each Thursday at 6:30 pm and conclude by 8:00 pm.

The intent is to provide opportunities to grow and deepen our prayer life as individuals and as a community of faith. While, we look at the Bible as a resource for prayer, this will not be a Bible study. While, we will learn about how Christians have prayed in the past, this will not be a historical study. The intent is for us to spend a significant amount of time … actually praying, together.

We will gather on these dates: January 25, February 1, 18 and 15.



Over the next month or so … we are inviting those who would like to support this great opportunity for deepening faith and its practice in daily life for the youth from our congregation, St. Paul and Peace … to select an envelope (or two or more) off of our Lift Off to Houston display … at the entrance to the Parish Hall.

Each envelope has a dollar amount printed on it … ranging from $10.00 to $100.00.

Select the envelope(s) of your choosing. Inside you will find one of the REASONS we are going to Houston, and a Bible verse for you to look up that is connected with that particular reason.

You may turn in your gift into the church office in that envelope or one of your own.Checks can be made out to St. John, with Youth Gathering in the memo line.

Envelopes are marked for $100.00; $50.00; $25.00 and $10.00.

When all the envelopes are taken (there are 144 of them scattered among the three churches), and money received, we will be very, very close to having what we need to make this trip possible. So, please be generous in your support.


The 2018 NWOS Assembly will be held June 8 and 9 at Bowling Green State University. If you are interested in serving as a Voting Member, representing St. John, please contact Pastor Jim Lehman. Don’t delay! This opportunity will go fast😊!












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We are a mem­ber of the Evan­gel­ic­al Luther­an Church in Amer­ica , whose of­fices are loc­ated in Chica­go, Illinois.

We are also part­ners with the 162 con­greg­a­tions of the North­west­ern Ohio Syn­od. The of­fices of the NWOS are loc­ated in Find­lay, Ohio.

Loc­al ELCA con­greg­a­tions in Ot­t­awa and Wood Counties share mis­sion and min­istry through the North Cent­ral Con­fer­ence.

Our con­greg­a­tion also par­ti­cip­ates in the Port Clin­ton Clergy As­so­ci­ation and it’s sea­son­al wor­ship and ser­vice op­por­tun­it­ies.


Pastor's Welcome

Greet­ings in the name of our Lord and Sa­vior, Je­sus Christ! On be­half of the people who gath­er to wor­ship, learn and serve at St. John Luther­an Church, I wel­come you to our Web site as you learn more about our mis­sion.

You are in­vited to come ex­per­i­ence the un­con­di­tion­al love of God in Je­sus as it is pro­claimed, ex­per­i­enced and ex­ten­ded when we gath­er to wor­ship. It is our church's de­sire to grow in faith, to par­ti­cip­ate in fel­low­ship, and to serve oth­ers

I am avail­able to vis­it with you by phone, at your home or work place, or via e-mail. I would en­joy get­ting to know you bet­ter and an­swer­ing ques­tions you might have about the Chris­ti­an faith, or what Luther­ans be­lieve, or any spe­cif­ic prac­tices of this Chris­ti­an com­munity. Please don’t hes­it­ate to get in touch with me.

Once more, in Christ’s name, wel­come to St. John Luther­an Church. Come and join us as we seek to make Christ known.

Pas­tor Jim Leh­man

Our Beliefs

We are a Christ-centered and caring con­greg­a­tion called by God to share the good news of sal­va­tion for all people.

     “Grow­ing Dis­ciples of Je­sus”

Our first re­sponse to the good news of God’s un­con­di­tion­al love in Je­sus is to wor­ship . . .
We strive to provide a wel­com­ing place where all can enter in­to God’s pres­ence . . .
In grat­it­ude and joy, we lift our praises to the LORD . . .
We re­cog­nize that when God calls us to faith in Christ, we are joined to a com­munity where we can ex­per­i­ence genu­ine warmth, deep friend­ships, and lov­ing re­la­tion­ships . . .
We will of­fer mean­ing­ful op­por­tun­it­ies for chil­dren, youth and adults to hear, learn and ex­per­i­ence the good news of God’s love in Je­sus.


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